About Club

The African Press Club is a professional and social organization for bonafide journalists and others in the business of news.

Membership cuts across reporters, correspondents, editors, media management staff, information officers,communications professionals past and present and other professionals involved in news across the world.

At the club, journalists and other media practitioners can become part of a vibrant community of like minded people that are keen on advancing mutual causes such as press freedom, responsible journalism, training, ethical journalism, fighting fake news and hate speech, media research, etc.

The club supports media practitioners by providing a meeting place for professional and social purposes as well as acting as a business center. It also provides services that are designed to help journalists sharpen their skills, adapt to the demands of a rapidly changing profession, and stay on top of their game.

Our mission is to inform, inspire and connect journalists across the world. We are here to realize your aspirations.

If you would like to make an article contribution, please send an email to africanpressclub@gmail.com. Please follow us on FB, Twitter and Instagram.

We welcome and invite you to the African Press Club.

About Founder

Chidiogor (Chiogor) Constance Ikokwu is the Founder and President of the African Press Club. She began her career as a cub reporter with THISDAY Newspapers, Nigeria, a leading national daily in 2001, and rose through the ranks to become Deputy Editor in 2009, doubling as Abuja Bureau Chief the same year.

She was at various times Enugu Bureau Chief, Foreign Editor, Washington D.C. Bureau Chief, Deputy Editor, Online Editor, Member of Editorial Board and Secretary to the Editorial Board. She has also worked as Strategic Communications Adviser for the Nigerian Ministry of Finance and later the Nigerian Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment. Ikokwu had a stint in radio where she hosted two shows covering business and politics.

Having travelled widely, Ikokwu recognizes that a world-class professional organisation will be of immense benefit to journalists, hence the decision to set up the African Press Club. She holds the view that such a community with the relevant local and international networks would greatly enhance the lives and work of practitioners in the fourth estate.

Ikokwu is currently a doctoral student in Political Communication at Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain. Her research is focused on the Role of the Media in Elections. If you would like Ikokwu to speak at your event, moderate or host, please send an email to: africanpressclub@gmail.com.

Thank you for visiting the African Press Club.