African Press Club Revs Up Barcelona

Chiyana Simoes leading one of the sessions at the African Press Club soft launch in Barcelona

Dateline: Gracia, Barcelona

The African Press Club soft launch took place last Saturday July 20th at Abissinia Ethiopian restaurant in Barcelona. The theme was culture and media with a fusion of old and contemporary media forms. All types of media: music, dance, proverbs, poetry were deployed as channels of communication at the event.

The day kicked off with an hour of Ethiopian food, coffee, drinks and networking. This was followed by an announcement by a traditional town crier as performed by independent artist Xumo Nunjo from Cameroon. African Press Club Founder Chiogor Constance Ikokwu set the stage by making a short presentation on the purpose, vision and goals of the Club.

Nunjo and his group treated the audience to a powerful delivery of the soul searching musical poetry that they are known for. Guests were tested on their knowledge about Africa with a session titled “10 Things You Need to Know About Africa,” moderated by Chiyana Simoes from Angola.

Guests were then transported across the ocean to Colombia where afro-Colombian Juliet Tovar blew everyone away with her native dance steps. Young artist Fatu, originally from Mali, also wowed with her energetic, contemporary afrobeat moves.

The audience learnt about African proverbs from Guinea, Nigeria, DR Congo, Kenya and other African countries. Finally, books by African authors were offered as parting gifts to the winners of a quiz on general knowledge about Africa.

The African Press Club is grateful to Abissinia, EuroAfrica Center, Lucas Avram Cavazos, Neus Flores and all the artists for their support.

Find below pictures of the day. Enjoy!

African Press Club Founder, Chiogor Constance Ikokwu


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