Five Rules for Covid-19 Lockdown

A mask and thermometer                                                                                                         Photo: Annie Spratt @Unsplash

 Dateline: Eixample, Barcelona, Spain

By Chiogor Constance Ikokwu

The world as we know it is being altered for good or bad, thanks to Covid-19 aka Coronavirus. The fact that a virus can ground flights and whole cities is humbling, to say the least. As it stands, many companies might be filing for bankruptcy by the time this virus blows away.

When will that be? No one knows. It’s a bit hazy to make predictions. On the individual level, the focus for ordinary people seems to be dealing with the immediate impacts. I have received messages and calls from friends and families checking on my wellbeing.

My life has changed since the lockdown (more on lockdown here – and I’m sure yours has been affected too. These are five out of the many rules I’ve developed since then:

  1. Be Sneakily Suspicious: Suspicion is a verb that was hardly active in my life before Covid-19. Now, I have a nagging suspicion that someone carrying the disease is lurking around. If someone dares to cough or sneeze around me, I flee as if plague is nigh. The other day, my flatmate coughed in the morning and I was like lawwwwd, please help me. We’ve gotten accustomed to being overly caring and saying to one another, I hope you are ok. This is a code language for: do you have any virus symptoms?
  1. Ditch the alarm clock: I’m a stickler for routines. It keeps me accountable and productive. I usually go to bed at 10. 00pm on weekdays. The reward is that I’m able to wake up early by 5am or 6, as I want. My friends in Barcelona make fun of me because 10pm is when Barca residents are getting ready to hit the town. These days, we’re locked at home all day. We’re waking up to go nowhere. Thus, the alarm clock is out of the window.
  1. Virtual Workout: If someone had suggested a virtual workout to me last month, I would have waved it off. Fast forward to today, I’m online, jumping and sweating with friends in a virtual workout session. Interestingly, it feels amazing. It’s a smart way to offload those calories gained eating all day without moving. 
  1. Hug the phone: These days, when my friends or family call, I don’t want to get off the phone. It’s lonely. So, I find myself dragging the conversations longer. When you add the fact that we have no television in my flat, you can understand my predicament. Keeping in touch by phone has proved helpful.
  1. Learn to be with Yourself: One good thing about this lockdown is that I’m learning to be with myself. It has been a good time for personal reflections. You’ll be surprised at the results if you try. I’ve also started writing more because of plenty of free time. I am loving that aspect of it!

Those are the five ways I am coping. What about you? Share and be safe! Enjoy your week.

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  1. Lol@your rules. Practical but for some reason very humourous. I have two rules really and one is possible to apply because Nigeria, where I live is still not on full lockdown. We are still allowed to meet in groups of less than 50. My rules?
    #Do catch up on long outstanding social commitments – Spent yesterday evening having dinner and then drinks with a friend after a long while. Our busy work schedules have meant that intercourse was limited and for short periods at best. I had a blast, laughed real hard and loud at the jokes and gathered some very useful business info in the process. A very well spent evening I must say. I’m making plans to belatedly see another friend during the week.
    #Do take time to self improve- Yes, the world is morphing before our very eyes just as with 911. Difference is that with Covid-19, the time has been drawn out,but more sure, it will not be business as usual in many quarters. No one really knows the exact details but one can try and predict them. My deepest condolences go out to the families and friends of the bereaved but the fact is that there will be new job openings to make up for the vacancies created by these tragic deaths. Some jobs will be gone post-COVID because businesses will have to scale down to recover from the period of forced dormancy. Some businesses have changed their modus operandi online and will not go back after this period and so on and so forth. Question is where do you and your career or business fit in in the new dynamics? So do take time to evaluate and prepare to compete to keep your place or scale up where the opportunity lies. Dust that curriculum vitae,take a few courses online, re-podutio your business to compete favourably and prepare for the future. Remember careful performance ore ents poor performance. Wishing everyone the best.

    1. Uzo, your rules are dead serious and helpful too. That bit about businesses going online, change in the way we work, etc is very true. But my dear, you guys should stop hanging out in Nigeria. Carriers may not even know they have the virus until after 14 days. Better to be safe. Thanks, dear for taking the time to comment. Be safe.

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