Who Runs the World? Ian’s Take

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My blog piece last week titled “Who runs the world” generated robust comments from the guys and ladies. I was pleasantly surprised to see the different perspectives shared by everyone. See: https://africanpressclub.com/who-runs-the-world-2/

Given this background, an ardent reader decided to weigh in with an article. I hope you enjoy his take as presented below:

Dateline: Blantyre, Scotland

By Ian Mccracken

Constance Chiogor Ikokwu began her article “Who Runs the World” with this statement: “it really is a man’s world.” I quickly add to that emphatic phrase an iconic lyric from James Brown, which says that: “but it’s nothing without a woman or a girl.” The meaning is clear – that we should honor, respect and value women. Sorry folks if you are looking for a bit of a spicy disagreement.

I hate to disappoint any men-hating, green-haired, bovver-booted feminists looking for a fight; you’re not going to get one from me. (Readers in the UK will probably understand this last sentence, which mainly refers to extremist feminists in the West).

I am truly for equality of the sexes. I’m aware there is a multitude of women who have a bone to pick with men in their lives. These quarrel that women have are often utterly justified (leaving forgiveness aside for the moment) for personal and/or social reasons as Constance has outlined.

In these circumstances, it is remarkable how generous, long-suffering and forgiving women have been to mankind. This subject is serious and should not be treated with levity. Progress in women’s emancipation has been slow and patchy even today and in too many places non-existent still.

History is littered with wars and unparalleled bloodshed over the centuries, mostly engineered by men. If women were in charge, I think their approach might have been different. The fact that women are less physical than men is not what has kept them from achieving equality. It is their predisposition and desire to love, nurture, uplift, and support a partner male or female.

From my conversations with my male friends, personal introspection and historical and social observations, it would appear that men in general, have little insight into the world of women. Take for instance, the subject of sex.

I asked two male friends whether they ever considered what it might be like to be on the receiving end of their genitals – to receive rather than insert. Silence. Bewilderment. Stumped for an answer. They never ever considered such a thought. These are two close friends in their twenties and thirties with what I consider to be enlightened and informed views on life and with partners.

They are open to new ideas and love debate; are above average and intelligent; well educated and are liberals. Men will never know what it’s like to be a woman. These guys were unable to continue the conversation as they would with any other subject. They were in uncharted territory. This was not in the male curriculum. Yes, we often talk about sex but it’s from the male perspective.

This is just one example of how history has marginalised women in men’s eyes. Where is the empathy? Where is the curiosity motivated by love? Where’s the wonder of how women exist as they do? Much of women’s existence and what they have been forced to do is airbrushed out of men’s mental curriculum. The powers that be throughout history are experts at writing their own history and airbrushing the rest out. Basically, the story is that women matter less.

I could go on and on about how the world would look like if women had equality. But I can’t do justice to this topic. This story, I believe, can be better told by women. So, let’s hear your views, assuming you have read thus far. I’m not an expert but I am more alive to women’s issues now than I have ever been, although I still have some way to go.

Join in the conversation ladies and gentlemen. Don’t hold back!


  1. Thanks Ian for taking the time to write. It’s great to know you support women issues. I think if we’re going to make progress on that front, men have to be involved too. We can’t afford to be enemies. We need to work together. Kudos!

    1. The family units make up the entire society,so it is important to establish who should run the home before moving to who runs the world.
      My friend once expressed a truism that I concurred to sometime ago. He said everyman has a 100% love for the wife- to-be before inviting her to join him,but the love will either remain 100%,move up or down based on the submission of the woman in marriage. Nobody likes insubordination at home and in the office. If a woman will learn to be submissive to the husband,the husband will naturally love and care for her,but if she seeks for freedom to do what she likes without the endorsement of the husband whether good or bad,the husband may endure but this attitude kills love.
      Even in your place of work as a leader or boss,you are naturally glided towards those that obey you and tolerate or endure with those that are always challenging your authority. I believe that God created this world because the universe cannot exist out of nothing and God made man to be the head in the marriage institution and challenging that authority in the name of gender equality kills love in the family. Agreed,nothing should stop a female from attaining her goals in the society,but if she is married,it should be with the consent of the husband.
      I believe in Gender Realisation not Equality. Without religion,nature has created roles for the woman and man and they should exploit their potentials and stick to them. A normal man will naturally care and protect a woman because by nature ,even among animals that is the right thing to do. Her monthly circle alone is enough burden on a woman and it is only an abnormal man that will suppress or oppress the woman. But the women should also get it into their heads that they are created to be submissive to the husband to achieve a happy marriage. There cannot be two Captains in a ship unless you want the voyage to end in crisis and confusion.
      Also,it is natural for men to admire,respect and love women in the larger society whether they are neighbours,strangers,bosses or subordinates and seeks to care for them. But once there is disrespect to the male,hatred will start building up and that is why there is so much crises today in male-female relationships. Every man wants to be honoured and respected and I think this is an innate quality in them, religion or no religion. Ask any man? If we agree that God created this world,let us work with His manual of how to make relationships work. I am a Christian and I work with the Bible manual and the Bible told me to love my neighbour as myself including my wife,so there is no way I will maltreat her. I run the world of my home and my wife is a dependable partner.
      Even the issue of whether men or women runs the world should not take centre stage because man-woman relationship is not supposed to be for unhealthy completion but complementary. Let me rest my case here.

      1. Esanerovo, I beg to disagree with you. It’s the other way round. If you love a woman and show her true love, she’ll submit totally to you. You’ll find in her a partner, friend, in fact, everything you want. But if you do not, you’ll have to beat that respect and submission out of her, I can promise you that. So drop all the bragadacio and show love to the woman first, always. Women are not that complicated when fully appreciated. Even the Bible you’re quoting emphasises loving a woman. My two cents.

        1. I definately have to endorse pressclubcc’s reply to Esanerovo’s well crafted piece. I understand his biblical basis. I to rely on it. The apostle Paul understood the need for the husband in particular to cultivate and develop the ability to love his wife for it is in no way a given that it is fully developed from birth. Hunter gatherers. Women naturally have a greater capacity to love and verbilly express love than men just as they are better communicators in general. On the other hand he encourages a woman to respect her husband but common sense tells us that can be difficult or nigh impossible when he doesn’t love her or abuses her.
          Also what’s to say a talented woman can’t take family control using her expertise whether its over finances or home decoration say. This requires agreement between partners and not necessarily the male veto as supreme. Paul does not say the husband has the final say. He is promoting love and respect where it is needed for a successful partnership. A partnership of equals with differing gender abilities and talent’s. Unfortunately, history and the present tells us men…yes men….have an unnering ability to twist this pure Pauline advice as Gods apostle to fit their own sinful lusts and ambitions.
          You want to talk bible….bring it on.

          1. Firstly,you love the woman first and that is why you will mobilise your family and friends to seek her hand in marriage. So,you have played your initial role of loving but a smooth relationship can only exist when we continue with the God’s formula. Your submission to your boss at the office does not mean you are less intelligent but for the job to get done there must be cooperation from all irrespective of your position The formula of God cannot fail,Love + Submission=Happy Marriage. Leadership is different from management of a home. True leadership in a home is inspired not just about management of material resources. Leadership is both spiritual and physical and that is where most people are getting wrong. Let me stop here because this is not a religious forum but if you want more on this,reach me privately.

        2. In the first place no man will marry a woman he hates. And that is the reason I agreed with that friend of man who said that any man marries a woman with close to 100% love. Nobody wants to marry an enemy. The rest is the level reciprocation from the woman in submission.Let me stop here.

  2. Well said!
    Though, Women will never know exactly what it’s like to be a Man too.
    Needless to say, the female folks must be given a better platform for self expression. After all, our Mothers’ are more resilient on the home front.

  3. Nice work, I am of the view that women are important partners in any meaningful endeavour. We have men who are tender hearted and very kind. Visionary and diplomatic in handling matters. It is not all men who have the capacity to lead, so it is with women. Achieving anything significant for humanity has nothing to do with sex(male or female), rather it has everything to do with vision, purpose and understanding of life itself. When an individual first understands how transient life is, that individual would be more kind and less selfish, such an individual will be a better partner and leader. We all need each other to succeed, and it is the feeling of belonging that makes people to give in their best in any venture. However, most times the desire to lead is borne out of greed and selfishness which is centred on an individual or a group of people, once the motive is wrong, the result can not right be it in leadership or relationship or whether it is a woman or a man that is involve.

  4. A man who is threatened by a woman’s achievement is no man in the first place. No woman should shrink themselves, their dreams or accomplishments in order to fan some idiots’s egos. Real men must give back women their voices and be ready to challenge society, custom or anything that threatens it.

  5. Esanerovo I am searching my bible database eg my brain to come up with a suitable answer to your need for a wife’s submission as the biblical imperative.
    In the Old Testament men were allowed to divorce their wives for any and every reason because their hearts were hard God said. Reading what you’ve written is it your belief that men from the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ have left behind the hard heart and are now therefore perfectly entitled to demand a woman’s submission in marriage on the basis that they love them perfectly. No, I think you will agree with me the word sanctification is in the New Testament for a reason, as is the words “be transformed by the renewing of your mind”.
    It being the case therefore that man has to actively seek to love his wife more and more it is also the case that a wife should not be subjugated under a husbands control as a rigid rule.
    Christian men or any other men are not Gods and far from perfect. You need to do some homework on that for your whole argument lies not so much on the bible as on your assumption that men are innately entitled to rule women when it is clearly the case they are not as a rule up to the job. A wise husband will be truly thankful for a wise wife. Read Proverbs 31 again….that guy sat at the city gate not because his wife was submissive but because she enhanced his life with her practical and relational abilities. God could have written that proverb about him but preferred to honour the woman. I wonder why? I think history from then on gives us a clue.

  6. I never wanted to quote the Bible to expand the discussion more on a religious note,but now that you need a new testament reference, here it goes: Ephesians Chapter 5 verse 22 says,Wives, submit yourselves unto your husband as unto the Lord(Jesus Christ).For the husband is the head of the wife,even as Christ is the head of the Church….This is the position of the Holy Bible.But if you say no,then make it clear that the wife should be the head of the husband and let those that want to follow that thinking do so. For me I am afraid of God and don’t want to add or subtract to the word of God. To lead is actually a burden because you have to take responsibility but what is important is what God has said. There has to be a leader in every organization and we should stick to the word of God.After all ,it was God that instituted marriage not man.

  7. Yes Esanerovo this is what the bible says and for many decades I have believed the bible as the authoritative word of God. I also see how christianity since Paul has time and again failed to live up to His word mainly through mans inability to live in His love and word to resolve a multitude of differences. Meanwhile women have suffered because of male domination reinforced by this word “submission”. They have often conveniently used it to justify their dominance without the slightest ability to walk in Gods love that would give real meaning to what God meant by “submission ”
    It is completely plausible to argue that Paul was also a man of his time and believed men were the head over the woman. Besides to say otherwise for christians would have caused uproar. I’m searching my brain to think of a time Jesus said women should submit to men. He never did. His financial backers were women. Another argument to say how much more spiritual women are over men. Such topics were not in his agenda. Indeed he put the tin lid on Jews divorcing for any and every reason. That’s men he’s talking about Esanerova. He saw the oppression this was doing to women as well as breaking Gods sanctity of marriage.
    If anyone else has views on this please feel free to contribute.

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